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iLife ’08 will run on PowerPC G4 and G5-based Macs as well as all Intel-based hardware; however, iMovie requires either a Mac with an Intel-based processor, a Power Mac G5 with a dual 2GHz chip. Apple has decided to stop including iDVD on its latest version of iLife and it is no longer available on the App Store. Unfortunately, they have chosen to not offer a replacement or substitution. The only way to acquire it now is to purchase an old DVD version of iLife/5(). The Apple iLife 08 software suite lets you create, share, organize and enjoy photos, movies, websites, and more! You get iPhoto '08, which allows you to enhance, organize, and share photos online, plus iMovie '08, which gives you the ability to create and store your own movies.

The feature could reduce the visual overload of dealing with many thousands of photos. Searching has been improved, with a single interface for searching by date, text, or keyword. You can even copy and paste a combination of adjustments from one photo to other photos that need similar fixes. Mac as well, enabling users to publish Web-based galleries — a feature cleverly called. Mac Web Gallery — and featuring one-button photo sharing.

Photos in Web galleries can be viewed four ways: Other features in. The iPhone feature, while useful, is essentially an extension of email.

Many photo-sharing services, such as Flickr, provide a unique and complex email address to which you can send photos to be immediately posted. Apple says that your. Mac email account must be set up on your iPhone, and you need a software update for the iPhone which appears to have been delivered automatically; iPhone owners who have.

Shortly after the iLife announcement, Apple released iPhoto 7. Mac Web Galleries. Following in the vein of iPhoto, iMovie keeps track of all your video in a library, using events to make finding clips easier. Mac service. The good news is: If you want to make a little money from your site, you can easily integrate ads via Google AdSense, registering directly from within iWeb.

There are no new packages this year, and of the five packages included only two of them get the lion's share of updates, the rest are just tweaks. Events are automatically created and set up date and time and it's a nice feature. Apple, and rightly so, have realised that we go to an event and take pictures. Therefore it seems only logical to cluster these images together.

Of course you can abandon this feature altogether if you so wish and opt for the window that any iPhoto user will be familiar with that lists all your images. Also noticeable in the software is the improved speed, the package seems quicker to load and display images, regardless of catalogue size and it's a welcomed improvement we had stopped using iLife 07 because of this issue.

Elsewhere in the iLife 08 suite, iMovie gets a complete overhaul. The update, which introduces a completely new interface to the previous version is, according to Steve Jobs designed to make it easier, according to Jobs, to make movies.

While other reviewers, including the New York Times' David Pogue have slated the new interface for the non movie editing type I think it's a good user friendly design that embraces the event elements show in iPhoto while still allowing you to have basic editing controls over your clips. While many will despise the lack of a timeline, it's a lot easier to add new clips that you record with your computers iSight, or import without having to restrict it all to the one project.

Another new feature is greater YouTube support and the application offers one click encoding to publish to the video sharing site.

Buy A Used Apple iLife '08 (Original DVD) MBZ/A From We Buy and Sell Used Macs, Apple Computers and Refurbished Macs. The iLife '08 and iWork '08 courses are based on Apple Training Series: iLife '08 by Michael Cohen, Jeff Bollow, and Richard Harrington, and Apple Training. CUPERTINO, California—August 7, —Apple® today introduced iLife® '08, the most significant upgrade ever to Apple's award-winning.

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All five applications saw changes to varying degrees for the new version of the suite. If you went to a wedding one day and uploaded your photos to iPhoto, the application automatically groups those pictures. And if you go to two events in one day—a birthday party in the morning and a wedding in the afternoon? While those photos will initially be grouped together as one event, you can open the event and click on the picture where the birthday party stops and the wedding begins.


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